Let Me Introduce Myself


 Emily Niemeyer  


Life Coach. Writer. Blogger. Speaker.  


BA in Psychology from Wheaton College, IL 

Certified Life Coach.

My Top 6 Strengths from the VIA Character Strengths Survey:

Bravery, Appreciation of Beauty and Excellence, Judgement, Curiosity, Fairness and Perspective.  

Why I Love Life Coaching:  

Life coaching is a dynamic process of discovery and positive change.  I see it as part therapy and part action.  I love helping people discern and follow their call.  I love watching their energy and confidence change.  I love helping clients find the bravery not just to dream, but to go after their dreams.  It's within the challenge and beyond the risk that life opens up and the transformation begins. 

One Secret about Me:    

In life coaching, I find that I am the one who is changed!! 

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